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SelectOFALLON and DESCO Group: Crafting Business Success Stories in Missouri

In the dynamic world of real estate and property leasing, navigating the intricacies of opening a business is complex. For DESCO Group Senior Leasing Agent Kelly Long, the Schnucks O’Fallon Center on Highway K presented unique opportunities and challenges. However, with the invaluable assistance of the SelectOFALLON team, Kelly discovered a partner that not only made her task easier but also contributed to the success of O’Fallon businesses.

Relieving the Burden

Constructed in 1984, Schnucks O’Fallon Center boasts 71,300 square feet for 9 storefronts, including the full-size grocery store, a trusted shopping hub, and a community mainstay for more than 12 years. When Kelly was tasked with the property’s leasing responsibilities in 2021, she inherited several long-time vacancies. Kelly quickly identified SelectOFALLON as a reliable ally able to alleviate the stress of requirements beyond what is typically expected from a leasing agent.

“SelectOFALLON took so much off my plate,” says Kelly. “They made my job so much easier in assisting prospective tenants with the details of opening a business. And now, for the first time since the early 2000’s, Schnucks O’Fallon Center is at 100% tenant capacity.”

Comprehensive Support

The range of services offered by the SelectOFALLON team proved instrumental for Kelly’s task of filling the Center. From assistance with business licenses and building permits to navigating local zoning regulations and tenant inspections, SelectOFALLON proved to be an effective partner. This support allowed Kelly’s clients to open on schedule, which is crucial in the high-pressure environment of commercial real estate.

Efficiency in Action

Kelly credits the SelectOFALLON team for playing a pivotal role in filling the Center’s business vacancies. With SelectOFALLON’s understanding of the city’s complexities at her fingertips, Kelly could quickly provide her clients with a “one-stop shop” of support. She no longer had to coordinate individual outreach to various city departments on her own. Client questions and concerns were quickly addressed through a single point of contact.

Common Goal

The Schnucks O’Fallon Center project taught Kelly that she and the Select FALLON team share a common goal: providing businesses with the best real estate solutions that set them up for successful long-term profitability. Working as allies, both Kelly and the SelectOFALLON team not only reached but, in this instance, exceeded that goal.  

“I think all cities need to have a team like SelectOFALLON, and very few do,” says Kelly. “They are a true partner for me and my tenants, and I absolutely believe that all new and expanding businesses should consider O’Fallon and take advantage of these wonderful services.”