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ith more than 1,800 businesses calling O’Fallon home, O’Fallon’s dynamic “Keep It in the O” campaign encourages O’Fallon’s population of 87,000+ to shop, dine and take advantage of local service providers doing business in the City. O’Fallon welcomes retail development for generating attractive choices, jobs and sales taxes that support and enhance O’Fallon’s quality of life.
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Retail Goods and Service Expenditures
O’Fallon, Missouri
 Spending Potential Index2016 Average Spent per O'Fallon FamilyTotal Spent for  O'Fallon Residents
Apparel and Services116$2,574.96$82,481,032
Watches & Jewelry119$140.00$4,484,457
Apparel Products and Services119$105.89$3,391,908
Computers and Hardware for Home Use118$203.95$6,532,922
Portable Memory121$6.32$202,508
Computer Software117$13.42$429,843
Computer Accessories118$21.30$682,145
Entertainment & Recreation118$3,663.58$117,351,731
Fees and Admissions126$791.41$25,350,579
Cable and Satellite Television Services111$1,050.11$33,637,095
Satellite Dishes133$1.96$62,745
VCRs, Video Cameras, and DVD Players115$7.34$235,273
Miscellaneous Video Equipment 136$12.16$389,520
Video Cassettes and DVDs111$17.16$549,605
Video Game Hardware/Accessories114$33.41$1,070,039
Video Game Software114$17.90$573,465
Streaming/Downloaded Video116$29.67$950,508
Rental of Video Cassettes and DVDs116$17.58$563,229
Installation of Televisions150$1.28$40,883
Rental and Repair of TV/Radio/Sound Equipment96$4.02$128,833
Pets 118$698.82$22,384,540
Toys and Games118$144.92$4,642,146
Recreational Vehicles and Fees133$131.03$4,197,160
Sports/Recreation/Exercise Equipment121$210.28$6,735,846
Photo Equipment and Supplies126$69.21$2,216,960
Catered Affairs128$41.15$1,318,005
Food at Home113$5,725.47$183,398,383
Bakery and Cereal Products113$749.77$24,016,648
Meats, Poultry, Fish, and Eggs112$1,293.18$41,423,095
Dairy Products111$597.53$19,139,932
Fruits and Vegetables114$1,106.18$35,433,220
Snacks and Other Food at Home114$1,978.82$63,385,488
Food Away from Home118$3,964.77$126,999,571
Alcoholic Beverages114$649.86$20,816,359
Value of Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds122$7,505.69$240,422,259
Value of Retirement Plans122$29,739.09$952,602,570
Value of Other Financial Assets112$1,505.18$48,213,870
Vehicle Loan Amount excluding Interest120$3,220.64$103,163,561
Value of Credit Card Debt118$693.89$22,226,795
Nonprescription Drugs112$143.51$4,596,892
Prescription Drugs112$435.47$13,948,817
Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses115$110.48$3,538,745
Mortgage Payment and Basics132$11,261.03$360,713,230
Maintenance and Remodeling Services128$2,439.13$78,130,060
Maintenance and Remodeling Materials129$494.00$15,823,900
Utilities, Fuel, and Public Services113$5,688.77$182,222,782
Household Furnishing and Equipment
Household Textiles117$111.40$3,568,244
Major Appliances122$393.96$12,619,400
Small Appliances113$53.94$1,727,703
Telephones and Assessories118$84.85$2,717,975
Household Operations
Child Care131$615.10$19,703,022
Lawn and Garden120$507.58$16,258,647
Moving/Storage/Freight Express108$70.99$2,274,077
Housekeeping Supplies116$828.62$26,542,239
   Owners and Renters Insurance122$627.77$20,108,600
   Vehicle Insurance115$1,346.92$43,144,549
   Life/Other Insurance120$514.79$16,489,608
   Heath Insurance117$4,248.46$136,086,759
Personal Care Products 117$550.63$17,637,825
School Books and Supplies119$187.04$5,991,331
Smoking Products99$418.50$13,405,298
   Payments on Vehicles excluding Leases120$2,718.53$87,079,869
Gasoline and Motor Oil115$3,184.75$102,014,053
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair116$1,244.43$39,861,639
Airline Fares122$608.69$19,497,466
Lodging on Trips124$636.85$20,399,688
Auto/Truck/Van Rental on Trips123$32.41$1,038,250
Food and Drink on Trips122$594.62$19,046,864

Source: EDC Business & Community Partners, sourced from Esri forecasts for 2016 and 2021; Consumer spending data are derived from the 2013 & 2014 Consumer Expenditure Surveys, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Outstanding Traffic Counts
O’Fallon, Missouri

Traffic counts reveal that O’Fallon’s business districts receive great visibility on many of our arterial, collector and main roads.

RouteADTLanesYearData Source
Bryan Road at Mexico Road 26,843 42010City of O'Fallon
Bryan Road at White Magnolia Drive 28,274 42010City of O'Fallon
Bryan Road, North of Feise Road 30,068 42014City of O'Fallon
Bryan Road, South of Mexico Road 21,305 42015City of O'Fallon
Civic Park Drive, West of Main Street 3,260 22010City of O'Fallon
Cool Springs Industrial Drive, between T.R. Hughes & Cool Springs 3,175 22014City of O'Fallon
East Pitman, between Main Street and Sonderen Street 4,415 22009City of O'Fallon
Eggering Drive, North of Sonderen Street 2,803 22010City of O'Fallon
Feise Road, East of Bryan Road 10,582 22014City of O'Fallon
Highway 79, between Salt River Road and I-70 Westbound Ramp 10,093 42016MoDOT
Highway 79, between T.R. Hughes Boulevard and Salt River Road 8,738 2 to 42016MoDOT
Highway 79 at Highway M 20,913 62016MoDOT
Highway 79 at Old Highway 79 18,424 62016MoDOT
Highway 79 at T.R. Hughes Boulevard 25,345 62016MoDOT
Highway DD at Caledonia 8,086 22016MoDOT
Highway K at Christina Marie 40,149 122016MoDOT
Highway K at Crusher Drive 41,863 122016MoDOT
Highway K at Dardenne Elementary 40,149 92016MoDOT
Highway K at Highway N 51,064 122016MoDOT
Highway K at Hutchings Farm 40,149 122016MoDOT
Highway K at Mexico Loop Road 52,714 122016MoDOT
Highway K at Mexico Road 54,128 122016MoDOT
Highway K at North Outer Road 36,064 122016MoDOT
Highway K at O'Fallon Pointe 37,735 122016MoDOT
Highway K at O'Fallon Road 46,227 62016MoDOT
Highway K at Royallsprings Parkway 42,305 122016MoDOT
Highway K at South Outer 364 43,071 62016MoDOT
Highway K at Target 40,149 122016MoDOT
Highway K at Technology Drive 39,599 122016MoDOT
Highway K at Veterans Memorial Parkway 42,341 122016MoDOT
Highway K at Waterbury Falls 41,863 122016MoDOT
Highway K at Waterford Crossing 41,863 122016MoDOT
Highway K, between I-70 to Mexico Road 37,795 5 to 72016MoDOT
Highway K, between Mill Pond Drive to Hwy N 40,149 5 to 72016MoDOT
Highway K, between Weldon Springs Road to I-64 (US 40/61) 29,654 72016MoDOT
Highway N, between Bates Road to Highway K 6,744 32016MoDOT
Highway N, between Highway K to Motherhead Road 3,848 32016MoDOT
Highway P at Dames Park 12,242 122016MoDOT
Highway P, between St. Paul Road and Main Street 12,242 22016MoDOT
I-64 (US 40/61) at Route DD North 29,465 62016MoDOT
I-64 (US 40/61) at Route DD South 36,532 62016MoDOT
I-64 (US 40/61) North Outer Road at MasterCard 3,370 62016MoDOT
I-64 (US 40/61) North Outer Road at WingHaven Boulevard 13,904 122016MoDOT
I-64 (US 40/61), between Highway DD to Highway K 30,930 52016MoDOT
I-70, between Highway K to Highway 79 60,602 72016MoDOT
Main Street, between Highway P and Tom Ginnever Avenue 17,253 42014City of O'Fallon
Main Street, between Pitman Street and Church Street 25,103 42015City of O'Fallon
Main Street, between West Terra Lane and Pitman Street 24,917 42011City of O'Fallon
Main Street, near Highway 79 4,798 22016MoDOT
Main Street, North of Highway P 6,073 22017City of O'Fallon
Main Street at Civic Park Drive17,72842017City of O'Fallon
Mexico Loop Road, East of Highway K 4,38522017City of O'Fallon
Mexico Loop Road, West of Highway K 4,23622017City of O'Fallon
Mexico Road at Bramblett Road 24,061102018City of O'Fallon
Mexico Road at Sonderen Road18,710102019City of O'Fallon
Mexico Road, between Bramblett Road and Sonderen Extension 14,588 42015City of O'Fallon
Mexico Road, between Washington Crossing & Presidents Landing 11,094 42010City of O'Fallon
North Cool Springs Rd. between Cool Springs Ind. & Tom Ginnever 2,564 22016City of O'Fallon
Phoenix Parkway at WingHaven Boulevard 3,176 22008City of O'Fallon
Sommers Road, South of Highway N 6,817 22014City of O'Fallon
Sonderen at Veterans Memorial Parkway 1,116 42010City of O'Fallon
Sonderen Street, North of Pitman Street 5,691 22009City of O'Fallon
St. Joseph, East of Main Street 3,379 22010City of O'Fallon
T.R. Hughes, between Tom Ginnever and Highway 79 1,69642017City of O'Fallon
Tom Ginnever at St. Matthew Avenue9,26842017City of O'Fallon
Tom Ginnever at Cool Springs Plaza 9,32942017City of O'Fallon
Tom Ginnever between Main Street and T.R. Hughes Boulevard 6,513 42010City of O'Fallon
Tom Ginnever, between T.R. Hughes Boulevard and Highway 79 4,453 42010City of O'Fallon
Veterans Memorial Parkway, between Highway K and Sonderen  6,202 22014City of O'Fallon
Veterans Memorial Parkway, East of Bryan Road 7,319 22017City of O'Fallon
Veterans Memorial Parkway, West of Bryan Road 9,029 22017City of O'Fallon
Weldon Springs Rd, between Crusher Drive and Fieldstone Farms 7,920 22014City of O'Fallon
Weldon Springs Road, North of Crusher Drive 8,543 22014City of O'Fallon
West Pitman, between Main Street and Woodlawn Avenue 4,175 22015City of O'Fallon
West Terra Lane, East of Gentemann Road8,86422017City of O'Fallon
West Terra Lane, East of Hoff Road 5,942 22009City of O'Fallon
West Terra Lane, West of Bryan Road 6,126 22009City of O'Fallon
West Terra Lane, West of Hoff Road 2,691 22014City of O'Fallon
WingHaven Boulevard at Phoenix Parkway 17,638 42010City of O'Fallon
WingHaven Boulevard, between Highway N and Phoenix Parkway 18,776 42017City of O'Fallon
WingHaven Boulevard, between Phoenix Parkway and St. Luke's 15,653 42017City of O'Fallon
Woodlawn Avenue, North of Pitman Street 7,271 22010City of O'Fallon
Woodlawn Avenue at Church Street4,13842017 City of O'Fallon
Woodlawn Avenue, Between Civic Park Drive and Church Street 3,046 22016City of O'Fallon
Prime Sites Ready for Development
O’Fallon, Missouri

Ample development sites and buildings are available and geared up to be added to our already impressive list of 375 shops, 160 restaurants, and 71 retail centers.

Potential Development Areas in O'Fallon with key
CVS construction
Shop 'N Save construction
Sleep Inn construction