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O’Fallon wins best-tasting water in Missouri

The City of O’Fallon was named the winner of the “2019 Water Taste Test” by the Missouri Section of the American Water Works Association (AWWA). Each year, the AWWA Spring Conference receives submissions for the best-tasting water in Missouri. This year’s award was presented to Dan Ismay, O’Fallon Water Plant Manager at AWWA’s annual conference.

“This is a great honor for our team at O’Fallon Water,” said Steve Bender, Public Works Director for the City of O’Fallon. “These men and women work around the clock to ensure seamless service for our residents and ensure a safe, high quality water supply. Their dedication to their jobs and the safety of our residents is unmatched, and we are extremely proud to see them recognized in this manner.”

O’Fallon’s water system consists of a 6.0 million gallon per day, state-of-the-art RO/Membrane Water Treatment Plant with five alluvial wells. This water supply and treatment facility is complimented with four additional deep wells, three booster pump stations, high service pumps, four elevated storage tanks, three ground storage tanks and over 170 miles of cast iron, ductile iron and PVC distribution lines. The system serves nearly 13,000 customers.

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Safehome.org rates O’Fallon as Missouri’s safest large city and #52 in the nation

The newest report from www.safehome.org again found that O’Fallon is one of the safest cities in the Country.

The website named O’Fallon as the safest large city in Missouri (population 50,000+) and the 2nd safest City in the state (pop. 25,000+). O’Fallon was the only Missouri city to be rated in the national list (pop. 50,000+), coming in at number 52 on the “The top 101 safest cities in America.”

“We are fortunate to have residents and businesses who care immensely about the safety of our neighborhoods,” said O’Fallon’s Mayor, Bill Hennessy. “That pride in our community is amplified by the men and women of the O’Fallon Police Department who work so hard each day to keep us all safe.”

The report was listed at https://www.safehome.org/safest-cities.

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National Council for Home Safety rates O’Fallon as Missouri’s safest large city and #13 overall

The newest report from the National Council for Home Safety and Security again found that O’Fallon is one of the safest cities in Missouri.

The National Council for Home Safety and Security named O’Fallon as the 13th safest City in the state in a report, “The Safest Cities in Missouri 2019.” With a population of more than 87,000 residents, O’Fallon was the only City with a population over 50,000 residents to be rated in the top 20. O’Fallon recorded 158 violent crimes and 1,006 property crimes.

“This is truly a testament to our residents and businesses who look out for their community and work to keep their neighborhoods safe,” said O’Fallon’s Mayor, Bill Hennessy. “And, it’s further evidence of the tremendous work being done by our O’Fallon Police Department. These men and women dedicate every day of their lives to keeping us safe and secure.”

The report was listed https://www.alarms.org/safest-cities-in-missouri.

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SelectOFallon.com honored as Finalist in Best Government Website debut

The SelectOFallon.com website was honored as a finalist at the National Association of Government Web Professionals (NAGW) annual Pinnacle Awards banquet held in Pittsburgh on September 14, 2018. O’Fallon’s new site selector-focused website was named one of the finalists in the “Microsite/Special Site” category. While the website ultimately did not win the overall top prize, it was still an honor to be named one of the best government websites to debut in 2018.

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“These continuing honors reflect our community’s commitment to excellence, and our residents, businesses, law enforcement, City staff and elected officials can take great pride in their part in these outstanding tributes by national organizations,” said O’Fallon’s Mayor, Bill Hennessy. ”These tremendous honors are evidence of the great community our residents and businesses have built here in O’Fallon, and they set a high standard that we are committed to maintaining in the future.”

— Mayor Bill Hennessy in reference to National Council for Home Safety and 247WallSt.com honors