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O’Fallon, Missouri Business is A Hidden Gem for Education Enthusiasts

In the heart of O’Fallon, Missouri, there’s a place that has become more than just a store – it’s a haven for educators, a resource for families, and a thriving small business that has stood the test of time. Best Teacher Supply, nestled in the downtown for 30 years, has become a cornerstone for education enthusiasts seeking unique finds and invaluable support.

Lindsee Travis, owner of a local business, Best Teacher Supply, didn’t just stumble upon this venture by chance. A family deeply rooted in education – a teacher mom, university professor dad, and school principal grandmother  – combined with a decade as the owner of Goddard School in Wentzville set the stage for using this personal history and professional experience in a unique and impactful way.

Lindsee’s story took a fateful turn when her mother, Coleen Shipley, introduced Lindsee to Best Teacher Supply in O’Fallon. The business, known for its one-of-a-kind classroom décor, activity books, and hands-on materials, was considered a “go-to” resource for teachers of all types. Recognizing its longstanding connection with educators across the region, Lindsee found herself not only shopping there but also recommending the store to fellow teachers and professional colleagues. When Lindsee and Coleen learned that Best Teacher Supply was up for sale, Lindsee saw an opportunity to preserve a beloved local institution.

“My mom was retiring from teaching and looking for something to do so when her favorite store came up for sale, it was an easy decision for me to buy it and keep it going for future generations of educators,” says Lindsee.

What sets Best Teacher Supply apart is not just its extensive collection of educational materials but its commitment to customers and the community. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lindsee and her staff went above and beyond by providing curbside delivery service and offering one-on-one shopping experiences to support at-home learning.

As the world of e-commerce challenges small businesses, SelectOFALLON is actively supporting Best Teacher Supply, helping it adapt and flourish. The store’s unique offerings and Lindsee’s passion for education have made it a destination not only for the O’Fallon community but also for visitors from Booneville, Springfield, and even across the Mississippi River from Illinois.

The store isn’t just a destination for education professionals; it has become a valuable resource for parents and grandparents alike. Offering educational games, family-oriented activities, and engaging workbooks for both formal and homeschool settings, Best Teacher Supply has evolved into a hub for learning for the whole family.

Lindsee and her mom’s commitment to education for the whole family is true for both work and home life. Lindsee’s two daughters, a niece, and a nephew are learning the business while providing customers with a diverse range of perspectives being students themselves.

Best Teacher Supply’s continued business success also reflects its strong partnership with the City of O’Fallon. Through “shop local” initiatives where the community is invited to explore various small businesses, the uniqueness of Best Teacher Supply makes it stand out. The City of O’Fallon plans to feature Best Teacher’s Supply on its Keep it in the ‘O’ Show, O’FallonTV later in the spring. The store’s vibrant merchandise and cheerful staff appear on several of the City’s economic development brochures and ads. Lindsee credits the unwavering support from the city and chamber and especially recognizes the O’Fallon police department for its role in creating a safe shopping environment for small businesses to thrive.

“People with the City of O’Fallon have been fantastic,” Lindsee says. “They have come to me asking what they can do to help. I appreciate that so much as a business owner.”

In the fast-growing and bustling economy of O’Fallon, Best Teacher Supply is a not-so-hidden gem, enriching the community with educational treasures and embodying the spirit of a small business that truly cares.