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SelectOFALLON Business Spotlight: Missouri Wild Alchemy

From left: Missouri Wild Alchemy management team members Sarah Swim, Will Witte, Jordan Keener, and Co-owner Jason Crady.

Full-time firefighter Jason Crady is a man of action, especially for his firefighting colleagues.

“I’m surrounded by fellow first responders who struggle with PTSD from the tragedies and tough situations they encounter on the front lines,” says Missouri Wild Alchemy Co-Owner Jason Crady. “I have witnessed the monumental difference cannabis makes in finding healing and comfort for these men and women.”

Jason and his wife Nicole, a licensed pharmacist, along with co-owner Scott explored their options and made the wild leap to open their own medical marijuana dispensary in February 2021, becoming the first of its kind in O’Fallon. Through tedious research and work, they were able to overcome several challenges in navigating how to open a cannabis business under complex state and federal regulations.

Missouri Wild Alchemy is one of five cannabis dispensaries located in O’Fallon. Like their competitors, they found O’Fallon to be a city committed to supporting its businesses. “O’Fallon’s welcoming team was happy to help us through the process of opening up our shop,” says Jason. “The SelectOFALLON team assisted us in securing letters from the city to submit with our application to the state. With their help, we were approved; a difficult thing to achieve.”

As a business that is dedicated to strict compliance with local, state and federal regulations, Missouri Wild Alchemy offers a secure and welcoming environment for patients and soon-to-be recreational customers to purchase a variety of 100% Missouri grown and manufactured cannabis products. Jason and Scott’s team, which has doubled since their opening, consists of nearly 20 team members that provide a wealth of knowledge and the ability to educate their customers on their inventory of nearly 600 cannabis products, including topicals, edibles and more.

“We have been pleasantly surprised by the support from our community and family as we have worked to grow our business and educate others on the benefits of cannabis for medical treatment,” says Jason. “Society is starting to come around to view cannabis in a positive light.”

For the past two years, Missouri Wild Alchemy has served patients of all ages who seek cannabis for medical purposes such as PTSD, cancer treatment, multiple sclerosis, epileptic seizures, chronic pain management and other ailments. Voter approval of Amendment 3 in November 2023 now opens the door to all customers that are 21 years and older.

“The City of O’Fallon and their SelectOFALLON team have been very intentional in seeking input from me and the other O’Fallon cannabis operators through the legalization process,” says Jason. “The team was proactive to ensure that our business was prepared ahead of any changes to medical and now recreational legalization.”

Missouri Wild Alchemy and its ongoing success as a small start-up business is a prime example of why O’Fallon stands out as a supportive home for business owners.