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SelectOFALLON Business Spotlight: Cornerstone Commercial Realty

It is a reoccurring nightmare for business owners…you’re on the phone trying to wrangle multiple building permits and approvals. The result is multiple call transfers, referrals to confusing websites, and the loss of precious time with little to show for it. Does this sound familiar? It’s the plight of new and existing business owners, both large and small. This is where the City of O’Fallon and its SelectOFALLON team become game-changers by literally coming to you.

“The City of O’Fallon and SelectOFALLON have figured it out,” says Jason Morgan, principal of Cornerstone Commercial Realty. “When a business opens, a point person from each O’Fallon department meets the owner at the new business and coordinates a plan in one single touch point. For any size business, this is revolutionary.”

The O’Fallon staff arrive ready to listen, provide relevant and timely information, and answer all questions. Immediately after, a single message arrives with each item that needs to be addressed and clear instructions on how to tackle it. Staff also communicates with hired architects, engineers and general contractors to make sure everyone is on the same page. From requesting a conditional use permit to meeting the latest building codes, these experienced professionals are there every step of the way.

It’s a major reason O’Fallon’s pro-business mentality and proactive approach have businesses rushing to open shop in this booming community. Jason agrees and commends the SelectOFALLON team for their efforts in making business happen.

“Our focus is to provide our businesses and prospects with the highest level of customer service,” says O’Fallon Economic Development Director Patrick McKeehan. “When we meet a business at their chosen location, they immediately sense how important they are to our community. Every business – big or small, brand new or 100 years old – has a place where they can thrive here.”

O’Fallon’s “we come to you” attitude extends beyond the business community to developers, entrepreneurs and commercial real estate brokers. From his experience, Jason describes SelectOFALLON as an all-around great resource for him and his fellow commercial realtors.

“I always know I can pick up the phone and get a straight answer,” he continues. “In the fall of 2021, our team recognized that consumer shopping patterns had changed. We were faced with our anchor tenant vacating and needed to develop a plan.”

The drive-thru concept became very relevant, and the team knew that with an approved drive-thru the market would react very favorably. With the city’s support, they were able to get the drive-thru approved and shortly thereafter attract the first PJ’s Coffee to the St. Louis MSA.

“Whether you are a first-time business owner or seasoned entrepreneur opening a second location, you want everyone to feel involved and informed at every step of the way,” says Jason. “I applaud the SelectOFALLON team on what they’ve accomplished and continue to do for our business community.”

For more information on the City of O’Fallon’s one-call system, click here or call 636-379-5532.