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SelectOFALLON Business Spotlight: OsteoStrong

Mike Baue’s passion for people and commitment to giving back to this community make him the shining example of a successful O’Fallon entrepreneur. In addition to being the principal owner of OsteoStrong, a wellness center in O’Fallon, he mentors many St. Charles County business owners; provides housing opportunities for the less fortunate; and is a part-time pastor, pilot, and musician. Reshaping the health of O’Fallon and St. Charles County is not Mike’s “9-to-5” – it is his calling, and he considers OsteoStrong part of his lifelong journey.

Mike Baue and his wife Christine opened one of the St. Louis region’s first OsteoStrong locations in 2017. While the OsteoStrong concept is fairly new, O’Fallon has always been home for Mike. His extended family has been rooted here for generations starting with Baue Funeral Homes, which opened in the 1930s.

The “ultimate bio-hack,” OsteoStrong’s core commitment is to build up the body’s ability to naturally regenerate bone and focus on long-term health at a cellular level. The science-backed business caught Mike’s attention after he suffered from back pain a decade ago. After trying OsteoStrong for himself, he never looked back. He knew others had similar experiences and he wanted to make a difference where his Baue family roots run deep.

“O’Fallon is simply the best location for my business,” says Mike. “The City of O’Fallon has a growth mindset, and its people are becoming aware of natural alternatives to invest in their health.”

The City of O’Fallon’s vibrant quality of life and consistent economic growth across all industries provided Mike with the perfect business opportunity that would also support his desire to help others. Centrally located in St. Charles County, O’Fallon was the right place for Mike and his business to serve the greatest number of people in need of his services and generous assistance.

“From an economic development perspective, SelectOFALLON’s dedicated team had my growth in mind and made me feel comfortable as a new business owner,” he says.

The SelectOFALLON team provided timely demographics that confirmed Mike’s business decision on where to open a new franchise. The team worked with Mike to find an affordable, accessible location that has contributed to OsteoStrong’s success.

In addition to the demographic data and site selection support, the team helped promote Mike’s business by securing a spot to feature him and his staff on O’Fallon’s “Keep it in the O,” show. One short video later, OsteoStrong gained two new members on the day it was released.

It is Mike’s passion and commitment to others that have made OsteoStrong a success while he has become a valued member of O’Fallon’s business community. For more stories about passionate entrepreneurs finding success in O’Fallon, check out the other Business Spotlights here on SelectOFALLON.com.